Site Rules: Links
Links. This text describes our current policy about links, as of February 15, 2007 and covers links anywhere on the Scrapbook Flair Community. The Scrapbook Flair Community wants to enable Members to share information about their sources while recognizing that we cannot verify the links to every other web sites or contents published on these external sites. Consequently, Scrapbook Flair developed a policy based on what we believe is fairness, whereby any suitable business or source can be referenced by name, but the number of links is restricted using an internal mechanism that counts links throughout our Community.
The Scrapbook Flair Community Links policy works as follows: (1) It's fine to use the name of another company or website anywhere in the community without a link to their website (see example below), (2) it's fine for other websites to have up to 5 free links anywhere in the Community, (3) websites with 6 50 links in the Community are presumed to be intentionally promoting sites and must provide a reciprocal link in the form of a banner ad on their Home Page, (4) more than 50 links in the community are not permitted and should be handled through display advertising. We believe this is fair since the Scrapbook Flair Community is a highly trafficked site and any sites with up to 50 links from us should be willing to reciprocate with one link from their site. Click here to check how many links another website has or to set up the Reciprocal Link program (SFRLP). Sites with over 5 links that don't link back via SFRLP will automatically have those links removed
EXAMPLE: a link is defined as the name of another website that includes either a web prefix or the suffix to the name. www.FunkyOldDesigns or or are all links. Funky Old Designs is NOT a link.
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