Remembering Lori…
Dear ScrapbookFlair community members,
It is with deep sadness that we report the passing of our dear friend and ScrapbookFlair Editor Lori Michaelson, 57 years young. Lori died last Friday, August 20th from complications caused by pneumonia, which she had been battling for several weeks – following decades of medical challenges.
Lori was remarkable in many ways. For those unfamiliar with her story, Lori was a passenger in a tragic auto accident when she was a teenager that left her a quadriplegic. Nonetheless Lori pursued an education and in her 30’s married a NASA engineer named Dave. She and Dave had a blissful marriage until Dave’s untimely death in about 2012. Lori would always speak glowingly about Dave and their time together.
Lori also loved her dogs, especially her special Golden Retriever, Leia who she lost in 2018. On that day, Lori posted the following page which prophetically detailed her reunion one day with Leia:
We of course knew Lori as our beloved Editor who commented on almost every page posted in the last 10 years. Lori has 1,140 favorite pages including many personal member tributes, including the following:
Lori originally joined ScrapbookFlair in 2006 in our first year – so she saw the community through its evolution. She was an avid scrapper herself and created over 700 pages. Lori took a great personal interest in the community and used to refer to members by their first names: Joce, Beryl, Val, Mel, Simone, Sam, Cheryl, June, Ewa, Patti, Lee, Shannon & Emma… she knew everyone and it was like everyone was a personal friend to her. And now with her passing, many people have already made tribute pages:
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Lori loved digital scrapping, being Editor at ScrapbookFlair, the SBF community and everyone in it. If you go to Lori's home page, you will see her last log on was August 18, just 2 days before she died. In spite of her extraordinary challenges, Lori’s courage, wonderful attitude and genuine friendship was an inspiration to all of us here at ScrapbookFlair and to anyone who knew her.
Lori we hope you are reunited with Dave and joyfully running about with Leia. God bless you dear – you encouraged everyone who posted a page on ScrapbookFlair and made our community a more joyful and positive place. We will all miss you and remember you fondly.
ScrapDaddy/Steve & the ScrapbookFlair Team