Hear what people say about Scrapbook Flair software...
Wow! What I can I say... I've been searching online and shopping retail all week to find a good, solid, easy to use, professional scrapbooking product! I found you on page 4 of Google... and I am so GLAD! Your FREE product is better than all the others that cost money... and the website with templates and other goodies is marvelous... try to find a way to get yourselves up to the first page of Google... you're a resource that NO scrapbooking person should miss... thanks a million!
Best regards, Libby
I have used very expensive software such as Adobe PhotoShops Elements, and nothing compares to yours! It is so easy and everything I have can be incorporated into it. There's no need for the expensive stuff anymore! People would be fools not to take this free offer!
Cindy Gardner
This is flat out the simplest and most flexible graphics program I ever used. I started using it for scrapbooks (for which it's excellent), but now I use it for print ads, web page designs, posters - almost everything graphic I print! Great job in developing a flexible and intuitive software.
This is fun software. It is easy to take any family/friend photo (jpeg) and add bubble captions to make it into a fun photo for leg pulling fun. You are only limited by your own imagination. For free software this is a fantastic package and you can have a lot of fun with it. It is easy to install and use, I found it easier to export the finished photo to a jpg and used PaintShopPro resize it and print it but Scrapbook does print. Download it, have fun with it and a big thank you to Aurora Digital Imaging for making it available.
Our youngest user is just 5 years old, she has fun making scrapbooks, even though she can't spell yet!
I love this product! Support more than 40 image formats! I also like the feature to move images and texts freely. Powerful design and editing features. It is so easy to use, and I started to design scrapbooks like a pro in 5 minutes. No. 1 digital photo printing software.
Customer Review from CNET
Thanks to all our users for the kind words.
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